How to Hang a Tapestry in Different Ways.

How to Hang a Tapestry: You have chosen the right wall tapestry. You have cleaned a place on the wall and you do not really know that what to do first? How can you hang that pretty textile to the wall with your hands, so can it gets your moments memorable? No need to worry because we are here to guide you through a complete (step by step) process. There are three constructive and easy ways to hang a tapestry for decorating your wall.

How to Hang a Tapestry through a Curtain Rod

how to hang a tapestry

If you want to hang your favorite tapestry to decorate the wall then you need to arrange these things: wall tapestry, several binder clips or curtain rings, curtain rod set (must be certain that curtain rod has enough long against your tapestry), drill, scissors.

Step - 1: Inlay the brackets for curtain rod on the desired wall. Most of the rod kit for curtains or tapestry comes with brackets and bolts, to set it on wall. You need to measure and recheck the length of the rod against tapestry, before drilling on the wall.

Step - 2: Take your tapestry, gauge the equal size and make 1 inch long holes on the top of the tapestry same as shower's curtains.

To know that how long distance will be suitable for making holes, measure the size of the tapestry and divide it by the number of available binder clips or curtain rings, or any desired number. The answer will tell you that how many holes you should make.

For instance: If the size of tapestry is 75 inches then you can make holes on the 5 inches and you have to make total 15 holes. Or, if tapestry is 120 inches long then you can make holes on the 8 inches and you have to make total 15 holes. Choose suitable number according to the length of tapestry and available number of curtain rings.

Professional's Tips: To make it with perfection, you should use a thin sharpener pencil or white coloured to indicate cut area on the tapestry, where you want to make holes. Remember it that, making holes on the both corner of tapestry is too necessary otherwise you will find an extra unwanted hanging on both corners. And, also remember that don't cut very close on the top, left enough space for curtain rings to hang properly your tapestry

Don’t Want to Make Holes on Your Tapestry?

Okay, if you do not wish to make holes on your favorite and memorable tapestry, then we have also solution for it. Follow the same above measurement procedure. Now, you can use the binder clips instead of making holes, and hang your favorite tapestry by pressing the binder clips till the end portion and slide it on the curtain rod.

Step - 3: Connect the curtain rings to the every holes of the tapestry

Step - 4: relocate the curtain rings with your tapestry into the curtain rod.  

Step - 5: Now, you can fit the curtain rod on the couple of bracket and stretch out to enjoy your favorite tapestry!

How to Hang a Tapestry through a Rope

how to hang tapestry

There is another way to If hang your favorite tapestry to decorate the wall. So, you need to arrange these items: wall tapestry, rope, scissors, 2 large screws and drill.

Step - 1: Measure the size of tapestry and make a hole through the drill machine and tight the large screws into the wall at the suitable distance.

Step - 2: Indicate some spots for slits at the top portion of your wall tapestry and cut it, to hang tapestry on the rope.

Note: If you want to hang your tapestry through rope then you need to keep size holes according to the thickness of rope. If you have thin rope then makes narrow holes. But, if you have thick rope then makes large holes.

Step - 3: Measure the length of rope and cut it with desired length. It is necessary that cut some extra length both side to tie at least double knot.

Step - 4: Weave this rope along with the tapestry's slits same as the pattern of the basket. When you start knitting, keep it in mind that weave each alternate slits for each side, because it will help you to slide your tapestry

Step - 5: Tie a knot through extra length of tapestry's rope around the large screw that interposed with the wall. Follow same as for another side. A duel knot of rope will give it a strong grip. Now, you have a fantastic tapestry on your wall.

How to Hang a Tapestry through Nails and a Hammer

how to hang up tapestry

If you want to hang your tapestry without any effort to decorate your wall then you need to arrange these items: wall tapestry, nails and hammer or a drill and screws.

Step - 1: Indicate a suitable space on your wall for your tapestry. Measure the tapestry size and mark through pencil lines for nails or screws.

Step - 2: Put one corner of the tapestry on the indicated place and interpolate a nail or screw through the hammer within the wall.

Step - 3: find another indicated place and encore step 2. You can attach some large screws or nails on the top-left and top-right corners and one in the top centre of the tapestry.

Step - 4: Now, your tapestry is ready. It is quick and effortless way to get a tapestry on your wall. Enjoy your tapestry.