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Beach Tapestry

During those freezing winter days, a warm tropical summer by the sea is all you need. But what if that is not possible? The Beach Tapestries hung on the walls will let you have that same beachside vibe whenever you enter the room. Soft golden sands, crashing waves, and palm trees hanging over –the beach tapestries with the beach elements will make you virtually get transferred to the seaside. You will feel the enthusiasm surging into you about planning for the next beachside trip or start ruminating about the last beach trip that you enjoyed.

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What Are Beach Tapestries?

Beach tapestries offer a feel-good vibe to the onlookers because everyone loves the salty breeze, the crashing sound of the waves, the twilight hours with a thousand hues and the reflection of the moonlit sky on the sea surface. The beach tapestries are centered towards the seaside elements mainly and they liven up the interior ambience of the room.

The most important element of the beach tapestry is the use of brightness –these tapestries are created strategically to look natural as if you are on the beach. The warm sunshine is beautifully incorporated with the glistening sand. Sand castles and the sand grains with the uneven texture look realistic.

The sea waves are among the most indispensable elements of the beach tapestries as your trip to the beach is dependent only on the turbulence of the waves. No matter whether you live near the beach or not, you can bring the idea of “seeing is believing” inside your home with a full wall length tapestry. Some tapestries bear the picture of the ocean as seen with aerial view, thereby depicting depth of the ocean and as they are hung on the whole wall, the enormousness will make you feel how small you are in front of the deep blue ocean.

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Some beach tapestries also use the small elements of the marine world such as the shellfish, empty shells and starfish to evoke the senses of those who have a knack for beach combing. Besides, the accessories you generally take to the beaches such as surfboards, kayaks, rakes, sunglasses etc placed as the centerpiece will also act as the head turner.

Many tapestries put emphasis on the sun loungers, beach balls, deck chairs, umbrellas etc with the background of the low opacity sky and sea. These elements look more vivid when there is an added frame that look much like a window or a door while the rest of the space on the edges are left as blank. This will give you an idea of watching the sea from the window on your wall or that you can check out the beach right after stepping outside the door. These designs offer a sense of longing to be near the sea while cherishing the old memories that you have spent on the beach.

Beach Tapestries With Different Themes

Although the main theme of the beach tapestries will be beach and sea only, but it is also a fact that the beaches look different at certain points of the day. The soft light before the sunrise look sober without much vibrancy but just when the sun is rising, the red, yellow and tangerine hues create a magical look of the sea surface and the sky at the same time. Again, during twilight, the bright colors make the beach look melancholic with the silhouetted palm trees and shadows created underneath. Come the night, and the moon spreads its silvery veil over the waves. All these episodes are perfectly created even on the tapestries so that you can relive in those moments time and again.

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How Beach Tapestries Can Complement The Rooms?

A beach tapestry looks best if you decorate the room with lively elements and paint the walls with bright colors which can create a contrast yet look complementing. The beach tapestries can be printed on silk or cotton clothing while keeping the details crisp. In many cases, the tapestries are woven on the handlooms by efficient artists so that they create a grunge look in accordance with your room that has some distress-themed furniture. Be it your bedroom wall without any window or in your living room main wall, the beach tapestries act as the windows to the world of soft powdery sands, foamy waves and intoxicating sea breeze.