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Having an inclination towards cool themed tapestries instead of the bright and vibrant warm tone tapestries indicate your calm and focused mindset. Be it a full wall tapestry hung as the background of the bed in the bedroom or creating a statement by hanging the tapestry on the main wall in the living room –a cool wall tapestry can be a great decorative option to ease up the interior ambiance of the room. So, why are the cool tapestries so popular? Let’s get started –

What Are Cool Tapestries?

In the most standard cases, the cool theme is represented by something with a cold tone i.e. bluish tone. In case of images or any visual representations, cold is always indicated by bluish tint while warm tome is indicated by yellowish or reddish tone. Same goes for the cool tapestries where the use of blue color is quite evident as blue looks sober and vivid at the same time.

Be it a design themed on lunar or galactic space, or something related to snow and water, the cool tapestries will never go out of market. With a splash of white, grey, black and using a few shades of blue, the above-mentioned themes would be more vivid than ever. The dream-reality themed mountains with streams and snowy surroundings are created with the strategic use of bluish shades. The lunar circle with the background of galaxy is really soothing especially when you are going to sleep. 

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However, in the course of time, the conventional blue-themed cool tapestries have changed and evolved rapidly. The usage of Mandalas for the main subject of the tapestries is all-time popular, thanks to its spiritual and psychological significance. The Mandalas use heavy detailing centered from the circle and are in circular design; the rest of the negative space is filled up with floral designs. As a matter of fact, the Mandalas not only come with cool themed design but also with dark themes like deep pink, black, purple along with simple white and brown. The Mandalas enhance the mental consciousness and act as a great piece of art in front of which you can sit back and meditate for reaching out to the fantasy world.

In contemporary culture, the shape of the Mandala has been changed –instead of using the similar patterns centering from the circle, incorporating different shapes has been popular although the circular shape remains intact.

Besides, the themes of cool tapestries also have changed. The usage of the white marble or mosaic themed tapestry on the living room wall has become quite popular, thanks to its vivid three-dimensional painting that look exactly like a massive piece of marble.

Usage Of The Cool Tapestries

The cool tapestries look and act as the best decorative and psychologically stimulating piece of art if hung behind the wall of the bed or on the opposite wall of the bed so that you can see the tapestry right after waking up or entering the room. The usage of soothing colors and pleasing details on the tapestries will give you a sense of satisfaction and help you gain concentration for being focused in life. Some love to hang the tapestry loosely so that it give an easy-breezy look while in many cases, the tapestries are hung perfectly fitted along the edges so that it looks like an intangible part of the wall or a painting covering the whole wall.

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In college or university dormitories, the cool tapestries are used with enthusiasm as they are said to emanate positivity to inspire for achieving the goals of life. In many cases, people decorate the tapestries with minimal yet elegant usage of fairy lights to bring out the aura even during dark.

Creating Cool Wall Tapestry

Generally, the tapestries are created on handlooms by weaving the silk or part of polyester threads. Being made of lightweight fabric, the tapestries are easy to carry even though they cover the whole wall. You can hang them with the help of rope tied on both ends. In many cases, the tapestries are hand-painted, thereby giving an additional artistic touch while in other cases, the designs are created during weaving. Cleaning the tapestries is easy too as they need to be dry washed or gentle machine wash without the use of iron or bleach.

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