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“If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be a true reflection of you ”When it comes to reflecting your own self or your personality, it becomes a little harder to decide upon how to keep it forward. But when it comes to decorating your house and changing it into something that aptly suit’s your choices and gives the ultimate reflection of you. It becomes even harder. Because House is said to be a temple, that has many visitors of whom you are unaware of the choices that they would love. So, it actually becomes your duty to decorate your house in way which would be loved and admired by everyone. So, if that is the case with you. Then you don’t have to worry anymore. We are going to make it easy for you. Paintings are the most classic and simple way to decorate your house. But when it comes to buying them, it takes a hell of money. So, if you want to decorate your house, in easy steps and most importantly, by spending less amount of money, So, you can use another form of Painting which are called Tapestries. Tapestries are the convenient way. They are beautiful in their look. Gives a Classic Vintage touch to the decoration and also makes it traditional in a way.

What actually is a Tapestry? | Elephant Tapestry

Tapestry is generally an Art. They are a kind of unique textile art that can dress-up any room quite nicely. Really talented weavers create these works-of-art on a device known as a loom. By alternating something known as a loom, by alternating something known as warp and weft the skilled weaver is able to compose a stunningly attractive and artistic tapestry.There are French Tapestries, European Tapestries, and Belgian Tapestries and many more. China has a tradition of weaving silk and fine carpets. The tradition is 800 Years old. It being a tradition in China, they are the best providers of Tapestries from all over the world. Tapestries are fascinating when it comes to beauty. What is so extraordinarily fascinating about these beauties are that these beauties started out for a completely utilitarian purpose. Originally Tapestries were intended to help and keep the large rooms of castles, chateaus warm. They were originally placed against the large walls to protect against cold, damp, weather and to insulate the halls and rooms within a house, castle and chateau. However starting in the 13th and 14th Century, which a very long time ago inspired by Gothic art, Tapestries were created weaving stories of God and Religion. Taking this Art form to the next level, really helped embrace the beauty of these pieces. French Tapestry became very popular and continued to experience a renaissance and is still quite the rage in the tapestry world. What makes the pieces so fascinating and unique is that a true antique piece which would have been handmade by an artisan that had to undergo years and of years of apprenticeship and second the subject matters. Historically a huge range of subject matters in a Tapestry, such as what was going on the times, symbols of protection or hope, aspiration, and even scientific journaling. That means you will find Tapestries depicting nature scenes and the inter-workings of the animal kingdom as documented during that time.

So, Now How do you know if a Tapestry is an Antique or Not?

Well, you have to study the subject matter and do a little research on it when you find one. Also look at the back of the Tapestry - Is it Perfect? If it is perfect then it means it’s probably a reproduction which is still great. Just know what you are buying. Several of the original factories in France reproduce their original Tapestry designs from the 13, 15 and 16th century. So you can still get a very wonderful authentic reproduction.
Take a look at the front. Does it look perfect? If so, then it might also be machine made or reproduction. Well, there is nothing wrong in getting a reproduction; these tips are just helpful guide to help, so that you know the difference when you are in the hunt of these exceptionally rare pieces. In today’s interiors, Tapestry looks classic against our modern interiors. The story telling, the detailed work, the history behind the pieces and the Handwork is something that makes these Tapestries amazingly extraordinary.

What is Elephant Tapestry?

When the design or Art of an Elephant is woven or printed in the Tapestry is actually known as Elephant Tapestry. The design of an Elephant is printed in the middle of the Tapestry to give it a natural and vintage look. Tapestries are generally designed with the paintings of nature. And Animals paintings in a way give them a classic and traditional look. Because of which these kinds of Tapestries are loved by People more often. Elephant is animal that symbolizes Strength and Power. Elephant is known for its cooperative spirit, strength, longevity, stamina, mental faculties, and loyalty. The very famous thing about elephants is that in South Africa, People use Elephants tusks in coat of arms, so that they could represent moderation, strength, wisdom and eternity. Elephant is actually a symbol of Good Luck and fortune for all the new happenings in your life. Whenever you start something new in your Life, Elephant is a symbol of wishes, protection and blessings for starting it. It brings Positivity and Good Luck all over the Place.
So, using Elephant designs in a Tapestry symbolizes Good Fortune and Positivity. So, if a person buys it, it would bring Goodness, Happiness, Good Fortune and Positivity for them. Wherever you would Hung it. Everyone should get the Glimpse of Antique from it.
So, if you want to decorate your house and fill it Goodness all over the place, then Elephant Tapestry is worth Buying. It will add color to your house and give it the most classic and vintage Look. Any Trend might come to an End, But the Trend of Tapestries will always get blend with the Trend.