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What is Mandala ?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word. Which means Circle? A Circle is the most natural shape known to Man. Circle has a lot of meanings such as Divinity, unity; wholeness and we are surrounded by these shapes. We have a natural affinity towards that particular shape. Mandala is actually a circular figure which represents the complete universe of Hindu and Buddhist symbol. Mandala is used by Hindu and Buddhist for prayer, meditation and healing. Even we can learn to use Mandala for relaxing our mind. Mandalas are more than just Art. They have a deep power and deep healing in each one of them, each one has a deep intention with within which they operate. When someone creates a Mandala and name it a certain Name, It actually represents more than just that name. Sometimes there some other properties within that Mandala that are also working together transformation. There’s Kindness, there’s passion, per centum, wholeness, wisdom reflection of self. All of these Mandalas are specifically designed with that purpose, that particular representation that you want to invite in your life. They are very powerful. As you need change in your life, you once change; you gravitate towards those particular Mandalas that hold that meaning for you. If you start out sketch of a Mandala and then after that you develop it and formalize it and use a compass of ruler a protractor to create the basic guidelines as far as the sacred geometry on some of them . Numerology also plays a important role because each number has a meaning attached to it. For example 9 . 9 has the highest level of consciousness and seven is a magic number and 3 the trinity. So, you can incorporate as much of numerology into the Mandalas as possible and once the guidelines are created you can go ahead and do everything else by hand. Color is one of the most important modes of feeling, mood and emotion. They’re very powerful and are part of all of our lives from the seasons everything that you surround yourself with. So, your brain is automatically tuned into the colors and your eye perceives millions of shades of colors. So, we are designed to react to these a certain way.

As a subconscious mind we see Mandalas everywhere. We’re surrounded by them, we’re not aware of them all the time but it’s like whatever you’re interested in certain thing, you see it all the time everywhere. There’s a certain amount of comfort in knowing that you’re surrounded by something that you enjoy. You see them everywhere. You see them on the logos of Companies, on the manhole as you walk in across the street, you see a mandala in the Sun, You see them on the moon, in people eye’s as you look at them. So, it just that knowing those circular forms is all around us surrounding us and comfort. Mandalas are actually for everybody, everybody needs a mandala to help them get through things or to simply be grateful for what they have. They are something that you can enjoy looking at or also keep it in your sacred place. When you wake up in the morning, you have certain intention; certain things that you would like to accomplish through the day or just are in tune to. For example just being grateful so that there could be a Mandala that you keep when you wake up in the morning and that would be your power of intention for that day from moment to moment, how you live your life. Those are beautiful and powerful at the same time to incorporate that in your life wherever you are and whatever point you have certain desires.

What is the Purpose of Mandala in Life?

The Purpose of Mandala has fallen into a kind of cute pseudo spiritual ethnic limbo where anybody can draw a Mandala and gain insight from this regarding the deity based upon a drawing. Whether it lays down flat or hangs in a wall is not important. Whereas the actual Mandala would be an invitation to enter into the perceptual world of that particular deity and if we look at it differently that would be much more careful in approaching looking at a Mandala and so far different than a mandala hanging at a wall as opposed to having a Mandala that’s actually covered which is mainly uncovered during a specific meditation or time. What shouldn’t happen in this Whole Idea of Mandala is that we get a sense of the artistic beauty of a mandala or that we gain some kind of Admiration of the mandala process that in fact it all relates to personal responsibility and individual experience of the dynamics possibilities. As soon as we externalize the mandala then it’s no longer about anything meaningful because it is always suppose to attract us towards higher levels of our own being that it’s very easy, specially a double exotic culture that there is a real danger in becoming fascinated with the exotic qualities of culture.

What is Mandala Tapestry

Mandala Tapestry, which is also known as Elephant Tapestry is a form of Art which is woven and made by weaving silk. It is made on a device called Loom. It is basically created in an Artistic way which reflects Art but the very important thing that is kept in mind while designing it is to make it Beautiful and Traditional in its Look.
It is actually a tapestry that is designed in a circular formation that is really attractive and peaceful at the same time. It enhances the beauty of your place where you put the Mandala.
What is Mandala Wall Tapestry?
The Tapestry is a form of Art which is woven and made by weaving silk and is used to hang in the wall. That would give the wall a perfect classic, vintage Look with its design is known as Mandala Wall Tapestry. It is a creative and artistic wall woven painting that is made in a piece of cloth. It is beautifully made by weaving silk into Mandala design.