The Retro World Map

The Retro World Map

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You can hang this magnificent piece of abstract World map artwork in your drawing room and thus make it a guests’ attraction. Plus, you can ensure that your children have a knack for wisdom and knowledge. You can also use it as a dorm barricade if living in a hostel. Nonetheless, it can also be used as a beach spread, a bed cover, blinds or yoga mat.


  • Fabric
  • Material:high quality cotton fabric,soft touch.
  • Printing:Using heat dye sublimation technique,long-lasting effects and environment friendly,easy clean and not fade.
  • Design:These highly unique and versatile style tapestries are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use,can reveal your personal taste and highlight the home decoration.
  • Usage:Almost any for Home Decor Purpose like- Tapestry, Wall Hanging, Bedspread, Wall Decor, Wall Art, Bed Cover, Room Divider, Curtain, Table Cloth, College Dorm, Picnic Blanket and Beach Throw.

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