Dream Catcher Décor Tapestry

Dream Catcher Décor Tapestry

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The stunning dream catcher wall tapestry with the colourful tie dye background depicts a protection from bad dream, negative nightly energies and nightmare. This product can be used as a wall hanging.

  • Spiritual Space: Mandalas are very sacred in many traditions and mystical too. Especially in Hindusim and Buddhism. Effects of mandalas are always calming, it draws you in and makes you focused. Mandalas are a tool to meditate.
  • Special Size: We have created a new size not too small and not to large a perfect medium sized tapestry that will look pretty on your wall 46 x 54 Inches. Call it a perfect size.
  • This can be used as a scarf, a yoga mat, meditation mat, tapestry, wall décor, wall art, study room, prayer room or even sofa covers, table covers etc. You can use this at the beach and or make it a sarong.
  • Pure Cotton: Material used is 100% cotton with no artificial or synthetics. Cotton is grown in south of India and produced in looms. All tapestries are made using hand even dyed and tied manually without any machinery.

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