Elephant Riding A Motorcycle Décor Tapestry

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The Elephant riding a motorcycle decor tapestry depicts that animals know how to have fun and enjoy themselves too. While an elephant may not be able to practically ride a motorcycle, figuratively this print shows that animals have souls that are wanderlust type and care free too.  

  • [Size & Package] Package included: 1 Tapestry. Size: 150cm W x 200cm L / 59" W x 79" L
  • [Material] 100% Polyester Fiber. High-density sewing knitting and strong wrinkle resistance, easy to care for, and a comfortable and cool feeling
  • Light weight, Eco-friendly and durable, these highly quality tapestries are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Machine washable in cold water, no bleach , dry cleaning or iron.
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